Another Pedophile Member Of Francesca Banfield Punished 4 Protecting Scam Organization

Yet we find another convicted sexual predator who is a member and friend of Francesca Amato Banfield. This brings the total count so far as 2 convicted sexual predators Francesca Banfield is associated with, knowing they have predatory convictions.

John Aster is the other pedophile, convicted of downloading over 15,000 images of child porn.

Another friend to John Aster is Lorelei Buchanan of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Knowing John Asters very own recorded confession of child porn lorelei continues to aid the pedophile in hate smears, defamation along with another few women, Robin Sherman,  child abuser & sexual predator Corrine Mitchell who almost killed her own son at 2 weeks of age, Cory Sem an admin of Shane Coyle, Shane Coyle, Tony Blas, Mark W Mumma, John Aster.

Robin Sherman & Lorelei Buchanan have recently been cyber bullying & attacking a blogger who has also been in the loop, exposing those women on her own accord.

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