Stony Plain RCMP Investigated By Internal Affairs After Sergeant Wakefield Aids in online criminal defamation


A Stony Plain Alberta RCMP officer & a fistful of other RCMP officers are under investigation for mis conduct, abuse of power, aiding in online hate crimes & wrongfully charging Actor and pedophile hunter John Anderson.

The main officer in question is Sargent Wakefield, Wakefield is also being charged for criminal defamation, funny as it’s the same charges he tried to slam on Anderson.

Wakefield was on a call with an associate of pedophile John Aster, (Child porn downloader) her name is Robin Sherman (Remax Realty Realtor in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada).

During the call Wakefield makes many false claims about Anderson during the call. Claims that you can hear in the attached audio recording within this article.

Charges for recording without permission and using recordings to cause criminal online harm, hate smearing, defamation are being pressed against Remax Realtor Robin Sherman. The officer never did any of what he is claiming during his recorded call with Robin Sherman as seen in the produced documents. Robin is a liar along with sergeant Wakefield. This conduct will not be tolerated by anyone, even if your a police officer. What they have done is criminal and will be addressed in multiple court proceedings.

Robin Sherman has been associated with pedophiles Jim Hogan & John Aster.

Robin Sherman has been committing many online hate crimes while representing as a Remax Realty Agent.

John Anderson currently refuses to comment on this matter, we had to obtain the documents from his family members.

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