Pro Pedo Web Designer Mark W Mumma Exposed Connection to Pedophile John Aster


#Mark_W_Mumma #Idiot #Webguy & his partner #Convicted #Pedophile #John_Aster continue to stalk all of #John_Anderson friends, fans, fan pages, groups etc. Poor guy does have no life. #Mark_W_Mumma has lost the plot. 😉 Mark threatens to bomb politicians and set Anderson to take the fall. Court papers show he and others worked with pedophile John Aster in online hate crimes. They filed false police reports to try and force Anderson to stop exposing the relationships they have with the said convicted pedophile.
Be careful, these people create organizations to seek donations to line pockets up. Mark Mumma is also into Gay porn and we are not aware if his side Rita Anderson is aware as of yet.
Just because you got your gun licences before you got investigated dont mean shit idiot. 😉
Mark, call the cops and see if they return your call schmuck.
Maybe Mark Mumma can explain to his small amount of followers why the RCMP are in deep shit for arresting Anderson. This should be good. We await your response “Ya #Pro_Pedo & #Stalker of #John_Anderson. Lol

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