Justice For Charlie

I am 100% sure that Charlie was used and abused by Georgiis brief ex partner John Aster 4 Barney st Arana Hills Qld !!! I would like to be advised that my concerns are taken seriously by FACS and that my little boy is counselled to investigate why he was constantly being portrayed by a man I know as one of Australia’s most brazen child predators we have ever exposed !!!

I have also become aware that Georgii is currently attempting to address her drug and alcohol addictions and that means also addressing our family law issues with some form of what is in the best interest of Charlie … I have spoken with Georgii about this and I am more than prepared to sit down to mediate Charlie’s future as well as his long term care with both me and his mother coming to some kind of arrangement for the future ..

It’s really been a horror trip for all of us meaning me and my kids and Georgii and her children who have all suffered due to the mothers lifestyle and her addictions ….

I am not prepared to remove anything from the internet that relates to my concerns about Charlie being abused …

Georgii has spoken to me and she was sober at 9 pm, I can tell you that for that to happen did take a lot to achieve and a sign she is going to give it a go …

FACS I want your help to protect Charlie and our families , I believe Georgii has not been in a situation where she could allow FACS to monitor her lifestyle because she has refused to comply, but most mothers reading this have fought tooth and nail for their kids and have become bitterly disappointed that their ex best friend could be so fucken stupid to think bringing Aster into Charlie’s life was an act from someone who was more interested in harming my relationship with my son than the best interest of my son ….

All of us made this happen and I want to thank deeply all Georgiis old mates that said NO we will not stand for this any more…

What’s made this all that more evil is the fact that at age 7 years old I was groomed by a paedophile who used the same method to gain my trust that he was a good guy … Thankfully my brother told my father and soon after though there was no sexual contact he was sent to prison for two years and what Aster has done to Charlie he deserves ten times that because he put my sons images and videos all over the world and he still doing it ….

Justice for Charlie is justice for all kids that are used and abused by mothers and the men they bring into their children’s lives !!!

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