John Aster Given Up By Australian Cop

John Anderson & Brian Johnson call pedophile John Asters local police and listen to the cop as he even states John Aster went to court for child porn.

John Aster got a hidden conviction called a “non conviction”, which is a conviction loophole used mainly in Australia traffic court. This “non conviction”, only shows up if John Aster applies for any jobs relating to children and families & if he is to apply for what is called a “Blue Card”. In Australia individual’s need to apply for a Blue Card in order to work with children.

John Aster has been asked to apply for a blue card and 9 years and still refuses. If he obtains a blue card it would prove his innocence.

Sadly a few claimed predator hunters & fraud advocates are helping John Aster.

Francesca Banfield, Tony Blas, Shane Coyle, Cory Sem, Robin Sherman, Mark W Mumma, Geraldine Phifer, Corrine Mitchell, lorelei Buchanan.

Our founder and members have been exposing those names, those names have recently filed false police reports in an attempt to shut us up. Won’t ever happen.

Our president goes to court with all the proof and evidence. More than likely obtain court transcripts to use and expose the facts on how all those names worked with convicted pedophile John Aster.

Recently Francesca Banfield & her 7 year old son hosted a live Facebook video with Tony Blas & Shane Coyle. Francesca Banfield allowed threats to our president’s friend Titus Cooper. Threats to Titus life.

Threats prior have also been made towards John Anderson’s life and are being presented in court, the above names also threatened to have his daughter kidnapped.

The pedophile and friends created with no actual evidence to substantiate an actual court case.

John Anderson prior also got a call from webguy idiot Mark w Mumma, Mark made threats to call politicians making as if he is calling from John Andersons number,  and threats to bomb them. In an attempt to have our president take the fall.

Everything is submitted as evidence in court. John Anderson is going to crush those who attempted to defame him, threaten his life and kidnapping his daughter. They have no idea how many cops have been standing by John Anderson since they found out Stony Plain RCMP accepted and neglected to do a proper investigation into the matter.

We would like to publicly thank those wonderful officers who took the time to send files and evidence to Stony Plain RCMP.

We Back The Blue. 😉

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