Americas Taken & Punished 4 Protecting Exposed Scam Founded By Child Abusers & Pedophiles.


Exposing Yet Another Fraud Called #Taken Who Is Proven To Be Associating With Convicted Pedophile John Aster. John Aster plead guilty to downloading over 15,000 images of child porn. Since Exposing #Taken, They Went Bizzar & Started Calling Me A Pedophile. Seems That’s Not Something Any Claimed Advocate Should Be Doing. Never call someone who exposes pedophiles a pedophile. More so when one is also a victim of childhood sexual abuse. 😉

Below is the proof of child abuse conviction.

Scammer and child abuser creates taken to hide behind

Mark Mumma set up the stage to set up John Anderson for exposing them and the connections to pedophiles.
Members of Americas Taken & Punished for Protecting start calling and spreading the man who exposed them, John Anderson, is a pedophile.
Francesca Banfield also uses her friend Rudy Orr to help attack John Anderson and spread the pedophile rumor. Yet Francesca is connected to the real pedophiles and so is Geraldine Phifer of Americas Taken

John Aster is the real pedophile, seen here with a topless underage teen girl.
This is pertaining to Rudy Orr and his history. White Suppremist leader. He is partner with Geraldine Phifer & Francesca Banfield.
This is real convicted child porn pedophile John Aster, who is seen here sending messages to people he dont know in an attempt to criminally slander John Anderson for exposing him and his fraud advocate associates Geraldine Phifer & Francesca Banfield.
Francesca Banfield is seen here spreading the lie John Anderson is a pedophile. Yet she says she is innocent and never spread the lie with her other fraud and real pedophile associates.
Lorelei Buchanan & Geraldine Phifer would non stop stalk John Anderson pages and profile. They would also contact anyone who commented or supported John Anderson, trying to say he is a pedophile so no one would believe John Anderson who busted out the fraud advocates and real pedophiles John Aster and Elizabeth Mason.
Francesca Banfield starts bullying John Anderson once she noticed him calling her out as the proven fraud she is and strong friendship to more than 1 pedophile.
During a live feed produced by Francesca Banfield, she promotes hatred to her son by encouraging violence and harm to John Anderson. Even members of hers and Geraldine are seen also provoking the child to say what violent things he would like to do to John Anderson.

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